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2012-10-01 by Lina, luissan{at}
Terima kasih untuk artikel ini. Memang saya mebumat blog-blog tujuannya hanya untuk pamer' koleksi gambar2 superhero / fantasy saya yg 12500 lebih (sebagaian besar gambar asli kertas). Namun sewaktu melihat pengunjungnya sudah 700 lebih dan maaf tanpa komentar satupun, jadi penasaran juga. Tips2 ini akan saya coba!
2012-09-28 by Kevin, nelsonrr{at}
I agree with the response about coinmg from a different environment it is hard to cope with. Im originally from California and just moved here 2 weeks ago. When I first moved here it was CRAZY. People drive crazy, walk fast and always on a mission, food is expensive and the little things you need (like hangers) are a mission to find, you hear noises throughout the night, and pretty much walk everywhere you need to go. But its also a beautiful city. So much to do, you would rather be anywhere then at home watching TV. And its fascinating because everyplace delivers practically and you are always seeing new places and things you didn't even know existed. I'm still getting used to it, but overall love it and hope to stay here. You do have to adjust to the lifestyle, but once you do it's worth it. Guess that's why people work such long hours and so much because they love the city they live in. I think the people here *may* be lacking on a little bit of sleep (or maybe that's just me since ive moved lol) but if anything they seem more healthy because of all the activity they do on a daily basis. I do think that this city isn't for everyone. If you don't love people (or at least craziness) or the city life, you would probably never adjust and dislike it. But its crazy, it's like each day is a new adventure.
2012-09-28 by Charu, lvps{at}
hi.. nama saya patricia. slm kenal ya! :)post ini benurga bgtt. Sy jadi tau bagaimana cara membuat blog yang menarik perhatian pembaca atau komentator. kiat2 yang ditulis disini cukup lengkap. mau sy coba deh. hehe..Btw, kl anda berkenan, kunjungi blog sy dongg -> namastee-wonderland.blogspot.comntr tlg kasi komentar yaa apa aja yg kurang dari isi blog saya..makasi:)
2012-07-30 by Awan, laj{at}
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