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Re: jiptumm-gdl-s1-2003-budiono986-1439

2012-10-12 by Anna,{at}
dulu saya pernah bgteiu, lama-lama ya nulis karena suka aja nggak ada topik tertentu, nggak ada tenggat pokoknya bebas menulis asalkan tetap sesuai etika dengan bgteiu, sekarang malah lebih enjoy
2012-10-10 by Centro, libraries{at}
If you're interested in how the tardition got started, it is generally agreed to be very, VERY old.For people more primitive than you or I, winter is like slow, agonizing torture. You are probably cooped up in a small space for warmth. Longer and longer nights take away your ability to see and turn the lands over to nocturnal creatures. It becomes hard to impossible to find new food. If you're clever, you've saved up some supplies, but each day you see that the supplies are getting lower and lower. Cold, hungry death stares you in the face on a daily basis.You can see, perhaps, why winter solstice was celebrated in just about every culture. Where it looked like the world was dying and all the life going away, on the solstice it starts to return. The days come back, the warmth and creatures return, and life seems to bloom from everywhere.What's more, on the solstice you would know how much food you would need to last you until spring just as much as you already ate. It was on that day alone that you would suddenly have extra' food. And with life coming back, what better thing to do than party and eat it all?That is why the new year falls in the MIDDLE of a season. Those in the Southern hemisphere got the date from the same place they got their calander from the North. Hope the helps!

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