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2012-12-06 by Auth, stan72551{at}
kampungan banget tuh orang!! gua yakin dia itu besaral dari kampung yang orang2nya gak berpendidikan dan dibesarkan dilingkungan orang yg gak berpendidikan.. sehingga pas dia jadi anggota brimob aja ANGKUHNYAAA ASTAGAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
2012-12-06 by Bryson, office{at}
This "free sharing" of information seems too good to be true. Like cmmouinsm.
2012-12-05 by Guyonly, support{at}
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2012-12-04 by Ersincan, joao.leal{at}
Hello! Not sure what you mean by new rocks? Gravel? Ornamental river rocks?New gravel can make the water go cludoy and smelly. Just imagine that all those rocks have just come from the bottom of a river someone under all the sediment and breaking down protiens from everything that has fallen into the water. An we all know no matter how many times we clean new gravel we still get a milky coolour in the water.If its is new ornamental rocks, they shouldn't be giving off any smell or colour. Best thing to do is water change and keep the tank cycling. Don't add any fish till your Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia and PH tests are fine.Also take note of where you got the rocks from, were they bleached and cleaned prior to going in the tank? Are they an unsuitable rock for the aquarium like bushrock? Check the suitability with a local fish store or do a search online if you are unsure. New ornaments shouldn't give off a smell, as they are glazed.I hope this helps!
2012-11-19 by Uwe, reit{at}
Ini merupakan satu toberosan yang luar biasa dari Sekolah, SD Muhamadiyah 1-2 Sepanjang. Tidak ada kata terlambat untuk memulai suatu yang baru. Karena dengan menguasai IT kita akan lebih cepat seratus langkah untuk maju.Sukses selalu dan maju terus Laskar Matahari.

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